Tim Kim

I am an interaction designer with a background in architecture. I create moments by designing interactive experiences within a branded space. I am a versatile designer who can apply same strategic and rigorous approach to design and process to any physical and digital projects. I like to draw and illustrate by hand and do large murals for passion. I am also a meme known as the "Asian Baller". 

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These are examples of murals I've done. I like drawing in large scale because they have a spatial quality. They're also a great way to exercise as well. I'm constantly looking for new opportunities to draw and illustrate.


If you've been paying close attention to memes on the internet, chances are that you've come across the "Asian Baller" "Ball Is Life" meme. That's me back in 2011 when I took a goofy photo after a normal pick-up basketball game with my friends. The meme really started to take off in 2014 and I've been on shirts and other posters. I've decided to make a documentary on it. I'd love to tell you the full story if we have the opportunity to. 

Besides from designing UI/UX/Spatial design, I like to engage myself in various multimedia projects. Above GIFs are some excerpts from my personal projects. I like performing in my own projects often in a dead-pan, semi-awkward vibe. I'm always looking for opportunities to meet and collaborate with others. Please hit me up through my social channels and/or my email. Thanks!