Venice Pop Up Park

The Venice Pop Up Park was created to be a playful and useful community space on Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Los Angeles. A vacant lot is transformed into a community driven park for non-profit events. What started as an empty lot is now being used for hanging out, getting work done, entertainment and special events. Stackable milk crates become tables and chairs, and the fence folds down into tables and bar tops.


A vacant lot of roughly 25' x 30' was programmed to hold different types of events but mainly be used as an outdoor co-working space. The team measured the space and cleared the field to start the project. 

The entire park was built by hand and features an interactive wall, a book exchange, free wifi, a mural on the outside fence, built-in stages and seating, as well as some modular features. 


The footprint of the lot was a challenge. To overcome the need of seating within the tight space suggested that we need to come up with a modular design system. The park was seen as a transformative space that can be quickly assembled and reassembled for the right program of the day.


What was supposed to be a temporary park is still standing to this day. The community benefits from the park because there are no public spaces one can go to just relax in the neighborhood. The park also hosts different events and a variety of food vendors are welcomed to provide food and beverage.