Deloitte Eminence Display

Deloitte University Press was looking for a way to organize and display all of their published articles at  Deloitte Training Campus. A large touch screen monitor was implemented to explore a sea of information all written and published by DU Press. Users can click any thumbnail to read the article. A CMS was created to upload future articles as well. Live tweets were being displayed in the social tab. 


The challenge of the project was trying to source through an immense amount of content. A system of utilizing thumbnails to create a sea of content was envisioned to show the sheer energy of DU Press. Each content is accessible independently from the home page or can be categorized through the search bar.

Different menu options were designed to help with the navigation of the app. Each tab on the left edge of the screen offered a unique way to explore the content. Once a content is found, users can send a download link to themselves or print the article on the spot.


The installation is exposed to new hires of Deloitte and provides a great tool for them to learn all about the industry and other interesting articles output from the DU Press. The app is being utilized every day by each new class that gets hired by Deloitte. New articles are updated within the CMS and the app is ever evolving with interesting studies and finds.