Cloud Functions

Google Next 2017

Google Next 2017 is a conference for introducing and revealing all of Google Cloud's products and capabilities. Cloud Functions is one of many products within the cloud ecosystem. I was tasked with designing a fun and engaging experience that educate the audience about Cloud Functions. 


The major challenge to the project was being able to understand difficult jargons. The best way to move forward was to think of Cloud Functions in a metaphor. The function of the product was visualized in a systematical diagram and which began to create a story to the experience of utilizing Cloud Functions. 

Rube Goldberg type of machinery was designed to show that Cloud Functions work in systems of different "Functions" to create an output. Each four stations of the machine showcase four different functions. The first and second functions utilized Firebase to input information which was loaded to a QPS Load Tester for the third function and it all ended with the fourth function, which was sub-pub. 


All four stations' interfaces were designed to reflect the brand look and feel of both Google Cloud Platform and Google Next 2017. Each of the interfaces utilizes the main ribbon theme as the background and leverages the card based material design to highlight the process of each function.

The result of the activation was phenomenal. Many of the attendees tinkered with the machine and made their customized mugs. Over 2,000 mugs were created in the span of three days and more attendees engaged with the machine even after the mugs ran out. The Cloud Functions team was very pleased with the amount of engagement from the attendees.