Pi Cruncher

Google Next 2017

The Compute Engine Pi Cruncher is an experience that explores the computing powers of Google Cloud Platform. The Compute Engine is tasked with crunching all the digits of Pi. Users can change the amount of CPUs and RAM to get the final score. I was tasked with designing an experience that can showcase the computing power of the cloud platform.


The attendees use a dial to select an amount of CPUs and RAM to calculate 100,000,000 digits of PI, getting progress updates as the VM spins up and makes their calculation. A button in front of the screen starts the experience. The attendees can dial up and down the button to interact with the values on the screen. 


A box with a number designating the number of processors is shown when the experience begins. The number changes discretely as the attendee turns the dial. A total number of processors ranges from 2 to 64. As the attendee turns the dial, a completion bar below the box with the number fills up. Same interaction and logic are applied for selecting the amount of RAM. Once the values are selected, the attendees push the button to crunch the digits of Pi. 


Once the VM (Virtual Machine) has finished crunching all the digits of Pi, VM info along with live-process of Compute Engine is shown. The attendees can see how much time has elapsed and find all the detailed aspects of compute engine. Through the experience, the attendees were able to learn that they can customize RAM and CPU allocations to fit project's needs. Pi Cruncher activation not only bridged the gap between complicated jargon with a fun interactive and visual output but also helped in educating the attendees of the service.