Google Green

Google Zeitgeist 2016

The affordance of riding a bike was utilized to tell a narrative about a new initiative for Google Green. When two bikers reach certain wattage, the animation starts playing. Bikers have to keep riding to finish the story. At the end of the interaction, bikers are given how much wattage they have produced. I was tasked with outlining and storyboarding the narrative and the interaction sequence. 

16-09-20_09-41-45_Zeitgeist16_15741_Canon EOS 5D Mark III16-09-20_09-41-45_Zeitgeist16_15741_Canon EOS 5D Mark III

The screen turns on solely when two riders begin pedaling. Once a specific wattage is reached, the content begins to play. The riders continue to pedal to keep the narrative going.

The concept of pedal powered storytelling mechanism came intuitively when Google Green shared their message. I was able to collaborate with the Green team to outline the story and create simple storyboards. The actual animation was created from an animation house, but I was able to art direct the process as well. 


The final video created for a temporary installation was hosted on Google's main YouTube channel and garnered thousands of views. The installation was saved for a permanent installation to be held within Google Green team's office space.