Salesforce Dreamforce 2016

I was tasked with designing a customer showcase activation for Salesforce Dreamforce 2016. The interactive experience was a game that triggered the light cubes to turn T-Mobile pink once the high score was met. The game focused on simulating how leads were made on T-Mobile using Salesforce system.


The lights reacted if the lead score of a user persona exceeded a certain number. The cubes would blink few times before going back to its original color. The intent of the interactive experience was to draw the attendees to explore how T-Mobile is leveraging Salesforce. 

The interactive score output was connected with a DMX system to control the light cubes. The interactive UI utilized and incorporated both T-Mobile and Salesforce look and feel to create a harmonious experience.


The attendees were invited to engage in the interactive experience by having the winner win a gift card. The light cubes were constantly turning pink due to the attendees playing the game. The challenge of navigating between two different brands within a specific theme of the overall event was solved through the design of the interface and the lighting feature.