YouTube at SXSW

SXSW 2016

YouTube House hosts artists and shows each year at SXSW. For SXSW 2016, YouTube Music App was launched and showcased at the YouTube House. To promote the app and its capabilities, a grotto-like structure was constructed. The middle screen controlled surrounding screens when an artist or a song is selected.


The feeling of being surrounded inside of grotto was adapted. Vertical touch screen at the centers of the structures control adjacent screens and populates them with similar videos, covers, music videos, and a separate analytics page. 


The guests of the house had a blast interacting with the installations. The music app was almost utilized as if it was a karaoke machine. Guests started to dance to the song selected and sing along with the lyrical videos showing in the adjacent screens. Some independent artists were utilizing the installation to search themselves in the app and promoted their music by hosting them on the installations.