Year In YouTube

Google Zeitgeist 2016

Zeitgeist is a thought leadership event held by Google. The event invites over 300 C-level individuals to gather together and share the spirit of the present moment. YouTube was invited to host an interactive experience that captures the year of 2016. Three interconnected pods were constructed to showcase YouTube's Year In Culture, Year In Change, and Year In Fun. Instead of just showing videos, attendees were faced with playing a trivia-like game to learn about which videos defined the year.

16-09-19_14-52-09_Zeitgeist16_09764_Canon EOS 5D Mark III16-09-19_14-52-09_Zeitgeist16_09764_Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Three main categories per topic (Culture, Change, Fun) were selected. The attendees can explore three questions within the category to find out which video was defining the year or has impacted the year. The experience also displayed interesting statistical facts per highlighted videos. 

The attendees went around in circle of the triangular structure to learn about the Year In YouTube. Donations to selected foundations were collected as the attendees answered questions. The experience allowed the C-level attendees to find out what kind of videos were impacting and has been impacted throughout the year.

16-09-19_14-49-26_Zeitgeist16_09751_Canon EOS 5D Mark III16-09-19_14-49-26_Zeitgeist16_09751_Canon EOS 5D Mark III

The Year In YouTube was an excellent way to show the spirit of the year through YouTube videos. The experience provided a honest look into the year which was created by millions of users. A collective notion of culture, change, and fun were all displayed for world leaders who attended the event.