YouTube 360

Google Zeitgeist 2015

For Zeitgeist 2015, YouTube was invited to showcase YouTube 360 video contents and the platform. The experience resulted in creating a 360 room where the attendees can come in and inhabit the video content. The attendees controlled set of featured content in a circular interface at the middle of the space. 


Typical viewing experience of 360 contents usually consists of some sort of headgear or pan and scroll type of interaction. To avoid the obvious, a tubular space was created to house the 360 content. Converted spherical contents as flat 2D projections were controlled through a touch screen in the middle of the space.

The circular interaction -- "lazy susan" type of approach to browsing content allowed the viewers to lounge within the space, casually scrolling through each content. The interface was designed to keep the natural flow of the space aligned with the user experience.


The attendees were able to access the video from any place of the room. The circular UI was able to help the attendees explore the space without worrying about returning to a start point to change the content.


The design of the space was exciting because it was not creating a typical VR viewing station. By inverting the equirectangular image, the content was able to be shared with others together not just individually. The power of 360 videos was heightened by this shared experience outside of the general isolated viewing headsets and devices.